What to Expect

When you visit us…                                                     

You are welcome!

We love visitors and would be honored by the presence of you and your family at our next service!  It is our desire to be a help to you.

Bible Preaching

It is our great joy to know God through His Son, and we as a church want all to know the great joy and peace that only Jesus Christ can give. Therefore, you can expect biblical preaching to be the central part of the service when you visit.  Only the truth makes men free and we always strive to present the truth of the Word of God in our teaching and preaching.

At Grace Independent Baptist Church you can expect to hear the preaching and teaching of the Word of God as it has been preserved for us in the King James Bible. We hold to the Authorized King James Version as not merely a preference among translations, but as the only authentic English translation of the original texts of the Masoretic Hebrew Manuscripts of the Old Testament and the Textus Receptus or Received Text of the original Greek New Testament. All other modern English translations find their beginnings in manuscripts assembled just two centuries ago that contain faults and omissions that distort the message of God to us.


The music in our services is conservative and focused upon glorifying God and conveying a biblical message. We encourage enthusiasm in our singing and worship and seek to lift up Christ in our singing rather than to entertain an audience. Furthermore, we believe that the command of Scripture to not be conformed to this present world applies as much to music as it does to anything else. We therefore reject contemporary Christian music/Christian rock in our services and the whole modernistic approach to be like the world to win the world to Christ. It is our goal to reach out to the lost with truth and compassion and point them to the One Who will save them from sin and give them new life.

Sunday School

We are excited to offer Sunday School classes that give children and teens/adults the opportunity to be taught the Word of God in a detailed and age appropriate teaching setting.  The Sunday School hour is a great way to get and stay connected to the church family in a biblical setting.  We love the Word of God and know that our growth and maturity as Christians is dependent upon it.  We begin the Sunday School hour together in the sanctuary at 9:30 AM with prayer and song before directing everyone to the appropriate class.

Where do we go?

At Grace, we worship together in the sanctuary as families.  We find it a great blessing to see young and old, parents and children, toddlers and teens together in one place as we exalt the name of Christ in singing and preaching.  We understand that sometimes a little one requires attention outside of the sanctuary, and so our classroom off of the sanctuary is always available during service for changing or quieting down while still being able to hear what is taking place in the sanctuary in the mean time.   Just ask if you have a special need or question.

We welcome your visit!